Two go forest gardening

…or how to live at one with nature and the French…


November 2005 019 When on holiday in the south of France in 2004, my husband John and I innocently asked our hosts what we could expect to pay for a “doer upper”. Before we knew it, a mere 24 hours later in fact, we had bought our house in Bournac. It had rotten floors, rotten doors, rotten rafters and straw on the floor which had last housed animals in the 1970s.

This is our story of breathing new life into a house whose life began way back in the fifteenth century and of land which has seen eras come and go.

A labour of love? Certainly. But also our vision for a self-sufficent future where we can live in harmony with the countryside around us and add to the diversity of life.

More about Paula…


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