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Postcard from Los Angeles 6 – Americans ♥ all things French

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Ooh, a blog crossover! French things happening in California.

Postcards from Paula

Ever since the historic renaming of French fries in 2003 to freedom fries (quickly followed by freedom toast, apparently), I had been under the impression that US sentiments regarding our cross-channel chums was somewhat frosty.  As it turns out, this cooling of ardour predates 2003 by several decades.

After buddying up in 1778 under the Treaty of Alliance, in which France agreed to help America boot out the English, it seems that the mutual admiration society faded after the Second World War.  US troops had got over the euphoria of being kissed by lots of French girls and were starting to resent being stationed so far from home.  The US military feared that relations between the French and the US troops might dissolve into violence, so much so that a booklet was published in 1945 entitled “112 Gripes About The French”, which listed soldiers’ complaints and gave an explanation to put each…

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Avoiding Monsanto!

The march of Monsanto is of concern to us all, wherever we are. Hear the thoughts of Blueberry Hills Farm in Novia Scotia.

Blueberry Hills Farm

It’s been a long winter this year in Nova Scotia, and although we had a few warm spells that chased away some of the snow, the ground has been white since November. March has been unseasonably cold and with only two days left until the first days of Spring we still have a thick white blanket covering the garden, sometimes referred to as ‘Poorman’s Fertilizer’DSCF8509DSCF8510 The upside of all this is that there has been plenty of time to snowshoe and ski, or simply sit by the fire and recharge our batteries, there’s been opportunity to catch up on some reading, as well as enjoying lots of good food, often in the company of friends.

But all the signs are telling me that spring is just around the corner; the days are growing longer, and each day the sun sits a little higher in the sky. Our maple trees are…

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